Taylor Hagler Motorsport would like to thank each of the following for partners for their continued support.

L.A. Honda World Racing


L.A. Honda World Racing is the official race team of L.A. Honda World, a factory-authorized Honda dealership in Downey, CA.

X-Factor Racing


X-Factor Racing is a professional racing team and racing preparation shop.  Led by Chris Haldeman, X-Factor has prepared race winning and championship winning cars in various disciplines.



HRX USA represents an Italian company specializing in the production of safety garments, accessories, and technologies for motorsport.  HRX Bespoke Racewear supplies all of Taylor’s racing gear.

Stilo Helmets


The name Stilo comes from the tool used by the Bronze Age to write, to imprint their first thoughts, their first ideas, their first concepts.  In time the word “stilo” evolved to “style”, that is the way each person uses a stilo: your own style. And our style is that of making products that leave a mark, exactly like a stilo in our ancestors wax boards.

G-LOC Brakes


G-LOC Brakes are known for their torque control characteristics along with unmatched modulation and release characteristics.  X-Factor Racing runs G-LOC Brakes exclusively.

Scott Adams Driver Development


SADD provides coaching and driver development services in sports car racing.  Scott Adams has been Taylor’s coach since her start in Spec Miata.

Flying Monkey Racing


Flying Monkey Racing stands for the support of the Hagler family for Taylor’s Racing efforts.  It is a grassroots program where fans of racing have become involved.

Honda Racing HPD


Honda Performance Development designs and develops racing engines, and chassis and performance parts for a variety of motorsports applications.  HPD is the builder of the Honda Civic SI race car that Taylor races in TC America.

Blake Clements Racing


Blake Clements Racing provides management services for amateur and professional sports car racing.  BCR has joined Taylor’s program in 2019 to assist in her marketing and career planning.

GO Designs


GO Designs, LLC is located in Lewis Center, Ohio and lead by Gary Osterholt. GO Designs, LLC is a leader in motorsports website design and is the exclusive website designer for Taylor Hagler Motorsport.